5 Book Marketing Podasts

My quick list of 5 useful book marketing podcasts, and why I think each one is valuable if you’re DIYing your marketing strategy.

As an author assistant, I believe it’s important for me to keep up to date with current ideas and effective ways that authors can promote and market their publications. For everything from upcoming releases to your back catalogue, it’s important to keep up with the latest trends, but also keep in sight the systems that actually work.

I know not everyone is going to want to be on camera for Instagram Reels for example, or get sucked down the rabbit warren that is TikTok, but these podcasts provide great information in the area of marketing, and most include an actionable step at the end of each episode that you can try for yourself. These are things that you can test and tweak, to see what works best for you and your readers.

I usually listen while walking my two very energetic dogs, and use Google’s Keep notes on my phone to record the ideas that resonate as I hear them, so I know when I get back to my computer that they’re there and waiting for me action. (Most phones come with a voice recording app so you don’t have to type into your phone while trying to walk, and not trip over leads.)

The 5 Podcasts I listen to for marketing ideas and inspiration.

1. Book Marketing Simplified Podcast by Mixtus Media

Mixtus Media Book Marketing Podcast Logo Tile

Presented by Jenn Hanson-dePaula and Marcus dePaula.

With Twenty-Two Episodes and counting.
This podcast is highly informative and entertaining with a specific call to action at the end of every episode.
Jenn even actions a lot of these tips herself on the Mixtus Media Instagram account, it’s a fun watch, and you get to see that there’s nothing too fancy going on.

Favourite Episodes:

EPISODE SIXConversation Starters That Boost Social Media Engagement

EPISODE TWENTY – How to Market Your Book Without Social Media

2. Self Publishing Authors Podcast

SPA Girls Podcast Book Marketing Image of Masked woman in a pink cape

The SPA Girls are Trudi Jaye, Cheryl Phipps, Wendy Vella and Shar Barratt: four New Zealand authors who between them have had more than 100 books published.

Aimed at the beginning self-publisher, the SPA Girls bring listeners a new episode covering all things self-publishing, writing craft, marketing advice, advertising strategies and expert guest interviews.

Favourite Episodes:

EPISODE 299 Book Marketing on a Shoestring

EPISODE 238 Simple Marketing You Can Do Right Now

3. Rage Against The Manuscript

Rage Against The Manuscript Book Marketing Podcast Logo

Dig into writing, self-publishing, and marketing on the Rage Against the Manuscript podcast

Bestselling indie author Steff Green explores how to tell your story, find your readers, and build a badass author brand. This is a fortnightly / monthly podcast with great points of interest directly from the mouth of an indie author in the trenches with you.

Favourite Episodes:

EPISODE 9: How to market your book on a cheap-ass budget

EPISODE 28: Rewriting and republishing a previous book (While not an actual marketing episode it’s incredibly insightful and interesting.)

4. The Daring Author Podcast

Brought to you by The Daring Press, The Daring Author podcast, shares inspiring interviews and information on writing and marketing ideas for your book. So that you can build an easeful, empowering and profitable author business!

Hosted by CEO and founder, Jenna Lee will be that voice of encouragement and inspiration in your ear, telling you to keep going.

Being an author herself, Jenna knows the importance of having support so that you can focus on what you do best, writing. Jenna’s vision for The Daring Press and the Daring Author Podcast is to create a supportive space for budding and established writers to receive support to grow their author business to the next level.

The Daring Press is on a mission to take the stress away so that you can focus on writing epic stories.

Favourite Episodes:

Chapter 20 How to reduce author business overwhelm

Chapter 6 What is email marketing? And how to do it well.

Episodes are released weekly and are generally 20 – 40 mins long, making them great to listen to during a commute, on a walk, or out for coffee to perk up your inspiration.

5. Book Marketing Tips & Author Success

Book Marketing Tips and Author Success Podcast Logo

Join Penny Sansevieri and Amy Cornell for fun and frank discussions packed with clever ideas and easy-to-implement book marketing strategies!

Designed to help self-published authors and traditionally published authors at any level, the Book Marketing Tips and Author Success Podcast will definitely inspire you with new ideas for how to sell books and grow your platform.

Favourite Episodes:

EPISODE How to Market Your Book as a Summer Read

EPISODE How to Create and Maintain a Successful Newsletter

Book Marketing Podcast Summary

While this podcast list is in no way all-inclusive of the options for book marketing podcasts out there, each one listed above has provided me with useful and insightful content, actionable tips and tricks, and a call to action.

Not everyone will enjoy the presenter’s voices or their points of view, but I hope you give each one a try at some point and work out if one, or more of them, is worth your subscription.

Happy listening, and I wish you well on your publishing journey.

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