You know you ‘should’ be working…

Do you struggle to stay focused when working from home?

Perhaps you find yourself distracted by that load of laundry that needs doing or the dust on the shelves in your office.

Obviously, you still have to get your work done – otherwise, you won’t be making money. In order to keep up with your work, especially when working from home, you have to avoid the distraction, and the temptation, of doing other things.

Working at home or away

When you’re working in an office, co-working space, at the library or coffee shop, it’s not as hard to stay on track. You’ve removed yourself from the place where you notice things that ‘need’ to be done.

In an office, there are often other people around you, and if you’re goofing off and watching Netflix during work hours, it’s going to be noticed. It may not be commented upon by strangers, but this is where a co-working buddy or accountability partner can be of huge benefit. as they’ll call you out if they see you losing focus.

However, while working from home it’s much easier to be distracted by those errands you need to do, the never-ending pile of household chores, or choose to relax instead of doing work because you finally have a few minutes to yourself.

If you’re working on your laptop or tablet, you’re just a click or tap away from watching some TV or scrolling social media, or a few clicks away from checking your emails. None of which help you progress in your tasks or toward your goals.

Managing Your Time and Temptation

Not everyone enjoys doing the day-to-day tasks it takes to run a business. It takes a lot of time out of your day and it’s not always very fulfilling. Often you need to be working when you’d rather spend time relaxing, spending time with your family, or getting small things done around the house.

For some, it can be easy to side-step distraction. You might be able to just set it all aside and get all of your work done before you choose to relax, and if that’s the case, that’s great!

However, some people have a harder time resisting the urge to go and do something that they enjoy or think they should do around the home, instead of doing somewhat tedious work like bookkeeping for example.

Ways to avoid distraction while working

Tip one use a reward system.

For doing a certain amount of work, you can engage in a specific amount of downtime. If you do an hour of focused work, you can watch an episode of your show. Or for every 25minutes spent on a task you get 5 minutes to check your emails. The length of time worked and the rewards are entirely up to you, but try for longer periods of work in your most productive hours.

Were you aware that timers come in cute shapes like pigs, wine bottles and apples now? Avoid Distraction using the Pomodoro technique

A Pomodoro timer is excellent for this tip. You can buy physical clocks that count down your focus bursts, or there are many great apps you can run in the background of your computer that send an alert or alarm when your sprint is finished.

Tip two, go cold turkey…

If you’d like to easily cut yourself off completely, there are great pieces of distraction cancelling software you can install that will block you from accessing certain websites, such as Netflix, or Facebook, during hours that you’re supposed to be working.

Using one of these options can help you to maintain your focus for specific periods of time. If you happen to know the time of day that you’re most productive, these tools can enhance that productivity by ensuring you stay distraction-free. (At least from notifications and the like.)

Here’s a quick list of 8 software options: Please note I haven’t tried out any of these myself.

  1. RescueTime
  2. Dewo
  3. Freedom
  4. FocusMe
  5. KeepMeOut
  6. Tomato Timer
  7. Krisp
  8. Inbox Pause

Tip three, work in a co-working space, library, or café

If you can cope with the noise and bustle of other people going about their days, working in a co-working space, library or café, can be a great change and remove you from the distractions of all the tasks to be done at home.

If this isn’t practical, try to find a space at home you can make your own, even better if it has a door.

When you enter your workspace take a moment to settle and mentally remind yourself that you’re at work now. Nothing outside this space needs your attention more than your business does during your set work hours.

But I started my business to gain freedom…

It’s understandably tempting to blow off work when nobody’s around and you have the freedom to do so. And often this freedom is part of the reason we decided to go into business in the first place, right?

But in order to grow your business and bring in a good amount of money, you need to fully commit to working hard and not get sucked in by random distractions.

If you do find yourself becoming distracted, especially when faced with a task you dislike doing, maybe it’s time to consider investing in a virtual assistant. Someone you can delegate the parts of your business you don’t enjoy doing or find difficult to.

Not sure what to delegate? Check out this article.

If you’d like to bounce ideas of how to avoid distraction off someone, I’m available for an obligation-free 30-minute solution session. You can book through the calendar below for a time and day that suit you.

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