Many Hands Make Light Work…

Papers and pens all over desktop, messy desk space, A Virtual Personal Assistant could help you avoid this

When your desk looks a little more like this than you’re happy to admit…

Maybe it’s time you thought about bringing in some help? Bringing a contractor into your business could make all the difference.

Would you like to be able to see the surface of your desk once in a while?

What if at the end of each workweek, or even every workday you could?

That’s where I come in. As your remote biz assistant, I’m ready to help you streamline your processes, take over repetitive tasks and help keep you focused.

A list of potential Biz Assistant Tasks to delegate

What does a Biz Assistant Do?

I’ll keep you on task and ticking off those milestones.

Think of me as your personal business nagger.
I’ll ask where things are, have you finished that video/post outline/IG Reel? I’ll remind you of upcoming events, appointments, and deadlines (self-imposed or otherwise).

I’ll do the work that isn’t your zone of genius.

You can delegate the scheduling of social media content, the layout and sending of newsletters and email blasts, the re-purposing of content across several platforms to help broaden your audience reach, and so much more

Why choose remote help over an employee?

The benefits of hiring a virtual (remote) PA… are you don’t have to provide any equipment, an office, or even a desk. There are no additional overheads, you only pay for the time you use or the package you choose.

Want to know more about how a virtual pa can be a great investment for your business?

Use the booking link below to arrange an obligation-free discussion.

Biz Assistant Packages Available

Try for Fit

$220 – Expires in 30 days – 50% payable upfront.

2x 20-minute delegation consultations

3hrs of services to be determined by consultation*

Voxer chat access during business hours

Ongoing Support*

$250 per month, minimum 3-month commitment


1 hour of delegation consultations per month, these can be weekly or fortnightly calls.

4hrs of agreed services per month, additional tasks/services by negotiation at an hourly rate.

Voxer chat access during business hours

*Only available after the initial ‘Try for Fit’ service

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