Edited and Republished

Edit and proofread your content, with a red pen, or using software

Give your writing 24hrs before pressing Publish or Post

Try not to bee in too much of a hurry to hit publish.
Even if you are running up against your deadline, do the necessary due diligence to ensure that your post is of high quality.

Have a friend, or better yet a proofreader, read over your content to see if its meaning or message is clear and flows well. When you finish writing an article, step away for a minimum of 24 hours and then come back to it.

It’s important to edit and proofread your content with a clear head and fresh eyes.

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How many times have you seen an error after pressing publish?

Utilising the 24hour break provides you with the opportunity to take a fresh look at your writing, with a higher chance to spot mistakes that you may not have seen before.
This break gives you perspective and can allow you to feel less emotionally attached to what you’ve written.

Where possible, this should apply to social media posts to Facebook, Instagram, and especially professional facing platforms like LinkedIn. This is where using a scheduling tool, a trusted colleague, a proofreading service, or the services of a social media manager may help. They’ll often notice things you’ve missed while wrapped in the moment’s inspiration.

You can edit and proofread content by reading it out loud

Have you ever written an article, or an email, that looked fine in the beginning, but when you read it out loud, later on, often after a snarky comment or reply, it sounded ‘off’ or confusing?

This is where reading your own work out loud, as much as you may hate the sound of your own voice, can provide invaluable insight.
Read your work exactly as written, with no additional punctuation or pauses, and you’ll be able to hear where things don’t flow very well. Or where meaning has been lost due to pacing, or the lack of a pause for breath.

We know our own writing so well, having been over it, possibly hundreds of times before with a novel, we lose perspective. Our brain fills in the missing pieces, inserting punctuation that is not on the page, adding missing words, glossing over misspelled or just plain wrong word selection as it knows what we actually mean to say.

Ask a writing buddy, BETA reader, or proofreader to help

Do you have someone you can ask to help you? Someone you trust who understands your message, your readers, your clients and why?

Ask people in your network to look over and edit the content for you. Fresh eyes catch things you won’t, and you can return the favour by doing the same for them. By editing and proofreading content before posting you will put your best foot forward and build a reputation as a consummate professional.

Use one of the following apps/websites as you write

OutWrite – a Sydney based AI development team creating a product that works wherever you write online, supporting Google Docs, MS Word, Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn and WordPress. The free version offers spelling & grammar checking, along with a thesaurus. While the paid version, at AUD$14.95 per month on an annual plan ($34.95/month monthly plan) add the advanced features of style improvements, structural suggestions, plagiarism checks, and more.

ProWriting Aid – Not only does this check spelling and grammar, but you can also set it up to look for other issues in various styles of writing for the Web to Business, to Fiction. With add-ons for MS Word, Google Docs, Scrivener, and web extensions, you can use its features while writing all of your content. It comes in at USD79 per year or a lifetime licence at USD399. As a paid user there is a referral option that can see you earn your way to a Lifetime Subscription. You can learn more about ProWriting Aid here.

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Grammarly – The free version is available as an add-on to your browser, available on Office, Windows Desktop and as a keyboard for your phone. It is also available from the Apple Store for iPads. There is a paid version offering additional features such as plagiarism detection and tone of voice.

To wrap up…

Have you noticed the intentional error in this article?
Have you found any others?
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