No one is expecting you to do it all.

(Except, maybe, you..?)

You are a small business owner, possibly, a multi-talented team of one.

You work hard, support your clients, wear all of the hats, and wonder when you’ll have time to relax, or time to plan the future growth of your business and client base.

My business is taking care of the other stuff.
The things that drive you crazy, the things you wish you didn’t have to do, all of the administration and day-to-day ‘stuff’.

Some of the repetitive TASKS I can take away…

  • Data Entry
  • Website updates
  • Social media scheduling
  • Repurposing existing content
  • Building landing pages
  • Calendar booking changes
  • Rates update announcements
  • Invoicing and account payment preparation
  • Sending or scheduling newsletters
  • Preparing for product or service launches

Assigning some of the above tasks would allow you to ask yourself… 

what can I do with this ‘extra’ time?

Plan for future growth by outsourcing repetitive tasks - Image shows a disorganised desk covered in papers, files and computer items.

Would you like to stop thinking about ‘all of the things‘…

And plan for future expansion by focusing on your clients, growing your email list, and increasing your revenue?

You can…

But it will take an investment in yourself and your business.

Allow me to take care of you, manage your repetitive tasks, and assist you in whatever ways you need, so you can concentrate on the things that matter, like your clients and growing your business, or spending more time with family or friends.

I’m aware the list in the previous section can look a little overwhelming… and you’re probably asking yourself

“How do I know what I should/could delegate to someone else?” Read my articles on delegation for hints and tips.

Consider hiring yourself a support person today

The shoemaker had his elves, the TV show QI has its elves, and growing businesses have a team.

Planning now for your future growth, and your future success, means you get into the habit of delegating and not doing it all yourself saving you from potential overwhelm and burnout.
Expansion can happen quickly, and by getting help early, you’ll be confident that your systems and processes are ready when it happens.

If you’d like to speak with me about ways Red Ink and Coffee can support your future growth use the booking calendar below to select a time for an obligation-free discussion of your requirements.

You can also connect with me on LinkedIn.

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