How utilising the services of a proofreader can save you from embarrassment.

Word test - can you spot the the mistake? Use an affordable proofreading service so you don't get caught out.
Can you spot the error in this graphic?

As you may have seen in various posts around the internet, the human brain is extremely good at correcting small errors in the text as we read a document. This makes it very hard for people to spot mistakes in their writing, especially if they’ve read through it multiple times. Fresh eyes are key in proofreading.

To ensure your work is professional and that you look like an expert in all of your writing…

Please, use a proofreader.

From your blog posts to your Instagram feed, your newsletters to your website, a proofreader can assist you to put your best foot forward. The number of times I’ve visited websites of people I’m interested to learn more about and found typographical errors and broken links would make you cry. Each error could be costing you sales, or client enquiries if your copy has errors; people may assume that you lack attention to detail, or are rushing.
Contact me if you’d like to discuss price-conscious proofreading options for your workbooks, freebie or sign-up gifts, tiny offer web copy, newsletters, website content, or posts.

Affordable Proofreading Services

I recently read a romance collection e-book and was sad to see a lack of proofreading in some of the stories. Amongst spelling or incorrect word selection errors, I noted continuity issues with character descriptions. These kinds of mistakes can detract from the engagement in your story by the reader, leaving them less likely to buy your next offering.

As an avid reader, reviewer, and book lover, please help me crave your next book. I love to read stories by writers from everywhere, from all walks of life, and experience, but I hold a soft spot for Australian authors in particular. I’m looking to build up my author assistant services, so if you have any suggestions of items you’d love to offload please let me know.

Working in MS Word, Google Docs, PDFs, or on printed pages, I will go through your writing, track changes, or make comments as arranged to indicate areas requiring revision or clarification.

In the case of website changes, blogs, or newsletters, this service can be provided through one of the above programs or directly in the backend of your website, or mail provider.

What people think a proofreader does...

Affordable Proofreading, What I actually do. Do you think you could use a proofreader for your blog?

What a proofreader does

Documents undergoing proofreading on a pine table with a black coffee in a white cup.
Marking up printed documents is just one way of proofreading.

A professional proofreader corrects spelling, punctuation, grammatical and typographical errors that appear within a document.

Proofreading is usually the final step in preparing a document and should only be performed once you are certain that the content is complete and that the language used is as effective as possible. Proofreading is preferably done after the layout has been completed, particularly when proofing a book, to check for orphans and widows. (Words left hanging off the end of a paragraph or page and are all alone.)

For those who like a visual aid, check out this blog post describing the difference between proofreading and editing. And now you know what a proofreader does, why not get in touch? My rates are very reasonable, I’m based in Australia, and am happy to work in British, Australian, and American English.

Just a few of the types of documents a proofreader could (and maybe should) review for your business

This is nowhere near a comprehensive list…

  • E-Books, workbooks and physical books
  • Blog Posts or Articles
  • LinkedIn Posts or Articles
  • Social Media of all kinds
  • Graphics with text
  • Newsletters
  • Articles submitted to Medium or other publications (digital or traditional).
  • Webinar/Presentation slides and graphics
  • Website Copy
  • Business documents such as Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s)
  • Video or Podcast Transcriptions
  • Basic, plain English, contracts or agreements
  • the list goes on and on.

Use a proofreader or hire a Virtual Assistant

If you dread seeing errors after you’ve hit publish, perhaps it’s time to look at delegating some of your regular tasks.

Why not read my article From Dread to Delegation, and see if you’d be better off handing over some things in your business?

Or read about why you should outsource to a virtual assistant, and you may like to learn why I think delegating is the new black.

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