Remote assistant or glorified secretary?

What do you think a VA or Virtual Assistant does? In your mind do you see them at a desk undertaking repetitive data entry tasks? Typing letters, responding to emails, answering phones? Sure, some VAs offer these services, but the term VA or Virtual Assistant covers so much more (and that’s why some VAs are dropping the term entirely).

I undertook business training with the VA Institute in September 2019, and it was one of the best investments I have made in myself and my business. The VA Institute program sets you up for success, providing information and education on all of the foundational components of running a VA Services Business.

Each VA will offer a variety of services that they specialise in,
often in complementary disciplines,
so please don’t pigeonhole us as merely admin staff.

Why I’m moving away from the term VA

I’ve found, over the past year, two main reasons for dropping the term VA in my business.

  1. People tend to assume the type of work you’re willing, or able, to undertake based on the term
  2. With an influx of advertising from large off-shore companies offering VA services from staff in different economies, the market appears flooded and the perceived acceptable hourly or package rate had taken a nose-dive off a very high cliff.

Now, that’s not to say that you won’t find value for money, but you will get what you pay for.

Why use a remote/offsite/VA or virtual assistant?

There are a number of good reasons for investing in a remote assistant for your business, the first being

you get more time to focus on your clients.

With an assistant undertaking the tasks that keep you from connecting with and supporting your clients, such as scheduling social media posts, updating your blog, responding to DM’s, or updating your LinkedIn profile, you can spend more time doing what you love.

Another reason for using a VA is cost.

A VA is a subcontractor, not an employee, so there is no sick leave, no annual leave, and no work-cover expenses to deal with. Your remote assistant provides all of their own equipment and insurance. There’s no need to find a workspace, or room for another desk in your home office which is fantastic. And lastly, you only pay for the time that they actually work. No coffee breaks, long lunches, time lost chatting with other people or scrolling TikTok.

What could you delegate?

Engaging the services of a virtual assistant allows you to take a step away from things that aren’t in your ‘zone of genius’ and get back to the real work of running, and growing your business.

Have a think about the tasks you could delegate, to a specialist, that would free up your time;

  • Is it social media?
  • Invoice payment follow-ups?
  • Building and maintaining a set of Standard Operating Procedures, and writing them all down?
  • Managing a promotional calendar for your next course launch?
  • Updating blog posts on your website?

Think about the things that suck time out of your day and leave you stressed out or plain depleted of energy.
Those are the tasks ripe for delegation to a remote assistant. Now, wouldn’t you rather hand them off to someone else?

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